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Building Outdoor Communities

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The “Building Outdoor Communities” (BOC) program is designed to support Western North Carolina’s community leaders to better leverage their natural assets and collaborate to advance their outdoor community and economic development goals, centered around healthy people and places. The program supports communities to align key stakeholders, create outdoor infrastructure and economy priorities, and develop implementation guidance to advance the work at the county and regional scale across 25 WNC counties and the Qualla Boundary.

Through 2024, Community Working Groups will perform qualitative and quantitative assessments of their outdoor community ecosystems and learn how to use economic impact data to drive projects forward.

To learn more, and for more information, contact Building Outdoor Communities Specialist, Brad Spiegel at:

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Building Outdoor Communities Values


    Connect local businesses, cultural heritage, and the natural landscape through high-quality outdoor infrastructure


    Enhance quality of life and sense of place across Western North Carolina


    Care for the towns and public lands that make this an extraordinary region


    Build local capacity and provide resources for communities to make the economic case for further outdoor recreation investment


    Advance the outdoor economy equitably across the region


    Create an outdoor infrastructure network that catalyzes entrepreneurship, business expansion, and recruitment of new businesses and talent

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Building Outdoor Communities
Building Outdoor Communities
Building Outdoor Communities
Building Outdoor Communities
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