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Prepare to be swept away on an adrenaline-fueled adventure as we journey to the legendary Green River Narrows alongside some of Western North Carolina’s most elite women athlete paddlers, as they tackle the exhilarating rapids of this world-class steep whitewater creek, revered as the Holy Grail for paddlers across the globe.  Continue scrolling to get up close and personal with these remarkable athletes on their relentless pursuit of adventure with the extraordinary gear made by local WNC brands. 

Meet the makers

Originating in Asheville, NC, Astral shoes, sandals, and life jackets are inspired by nature and created in the least toxic, lowest impact ways possible. Astral is committed to sustainable business and products that last, making products in the best factories and living near them. In the most simple terms, they’re athletes, artists and craftspeople who promise to always put #NatureFirst.

Starting out as a dream on the banks of Western North Carolina’s Green River Narrows, Liquidlogic became a reality in 2000 and now makes kayaks for paddlers all over the world. Manufactured in Fletcher, NC, Liquidlogic kayaks can help you tackle any rapid, and break through any boundary…personal, physical, or otherwise. These rugged, lightweight kayaks also excel at bringing people together.

Asheville, NC-based Arca Works has a mission to provide high-quality, innovative, and durable paddles using lightweight and high strength materials that enhance the kayaking experience for enthusiasts all over the world. Their motto is “Performance where it counts.”

Woodfin, NC-based Watershed Drybags was founded in 1995 with a singular mission: build waterproof bags in the USA that adventurers could trust to keep their most cherished possessions dry under any conditions. The result is airtight ZipDry® closure has been tested to over 300 feet, and is trusted and utilized by the United States military to withstand years of abrasion, UV exposure, temperature extremes, and possible exposure to fuels and chemicals.

    These mountains make us industry leaders, thinkers, builders, growers, dreamers, makers, athletes and caretakers. How will these mountains make you?

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