laura blythe

Laura Blythe shares her transformative experience through mountain biking and delves into the 7Moons Mountain Biking program, where she intertwines her vibrant Cherokee heritage into every pedal stroke on the Fire Mountain Trails system and throughout the Qualla Boundary. Discover how this program transcends fitness, serving as a bridge between past and present, while nurturing a community that rides together and grows together.

Laura paints a vivid picture of the 7Moons program, where participants pedal through rides rich with Cherokee language, myths, and history, fostering a deeper connection to their roots and promoting physical and mental well-being. Through her narrative, uncover the program’s broader ambitions for youth outreach and cultural preservation, aiming to cultivate a new generation of bikers who carry the torch for their heritage with pride.

    These mountains make us industry leaders, thinkers, builders, growers, dreamers, makers, athletes and caretakers. How will these mountains make you?

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