Brent Nelson

When Brent Nelson swapped his corporate badge for the wild call of entrepreneurship, little did he know that his family RV trip would spark the creation of Tentrax, a beacon for adventurers seeking the ultimate in compact, customizable camping trailers. His story, infused with the warmth of a community brought together by a love for the outdoors, unfolds the journey from structured office life to the helm of a company that’s not just selling trailers, but facilitating memories and friendships in the great outdoors.
Navigating the intricate engineering behind Tentrax’s versatile campers, designed for vehicles of all sizes and the needs of diverse adventurers, Brent pulls back the curtain on the customization process, revealing how each trailer becomes a unique companion on the road, tailored to the clients’ whims—from matching wheels and tires to outfitting for off-grid living. 
Circling a campfire of stories—gold prospectors, backyard campers, and annual events that transform strangers into a band of outdoor aficionados—we’re all reminded that Tentrax is more than a trailer company; it’s a cornerstone of a community that thrives on shared adventures. 

    These mountains make us industry leaders, thinkers, builders, growers, dreamers, makers, athletes and caretakers. How will these mountains make you?

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